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7 Best Ways To Make Money Online

7 Real Ways To Make Money Online.

  • Stock photography
  • Shoot pictures for Instagram
  • Use presets to edit pictures
  • Edit videos
  • Trade
  • Stream
  • Keep Searching in Fiverr

In 2010, Robert Nay, who was just 14 years old, launched Bubble Ball, a simple puzzle game (app) with 156 levels, ranging from very simple to really challenging. Expectations were low, but in two weeks, the game did better than anyone would have expected.

It generated 2 million downloads from the app store in such a short period, which is phenomenal. That was just the beginning, soon it generated millions more and replaced angry birds as the number one game on the app store, making Robert nay a millionaire.

But not Everyone gets such an opportunity to become so wealthy at a young age. However, that does not mean you can’t make a lot of money as a teenager. In the age of the Internet, opportunities are unlimited. and here in this blog, I am going to tell you 7 real ways to make money as a teenager.

so let’s start with the first one.

Stock photography

Ways To Make Money

This is probably the easiest way to make even a living online if you are a teenager, and it doesn’t matter in what corner of the world you are living. And all that you need is a smartphone with a proper camera. Here is how it works. A lot of channels here on YouTube and other social media are using stock footage to create content.

And where do they get the footage: Shutterstock, Freepik, Storyblocks and many more. You can shoot pictures or videos of yourself and upload them on these websites. Every time someone downloads your picture, you get a royalty, a dollar or two, depending on the site.



Let’s say you upload 300 pictures within the next few months, and you get on average 50downloads a day. That is at least 50 bucks a day or 1500 dollars of pure passive income every month. This is not a scam. Of course, if you have a DSL camera, that would be better, but if you don’t, a smartphone is fine. If you don’t know what kind of pictures to shoot, check out any of these sites, and see what’s popular.

And create similar alternative images. It might take you a month before you start earning, but you can quickly turn it into passive income even if you stop doing it.

Shoot pictures for Instagram

Ways To Make Money

Shoot pictures for Instagram The Internet is filled with different ways to make money on Instagram, and unfortunately, a lot of them are scams. But here is a simple and legit way to make money from Instagram right now. Spend a couple of days to learn how to take good pictures with your smartphone. And use your skills to take some good shots of your friends and upload them on your Instagram page.

And update your bio: I live in this city. If you want such amazing pictures, DM me. Nowadays, everyone wants cool pictures, but no matter how good the camera on our phones, most people just don’t know how to take a proper picture. And hiring a photographer is expensive.

But what if somebody can help me take decent shots for a very reasonable amount, maybe half or even a third of what a professional photographer would charge. I am sure that that there are plenty of people who would pay you for that.

You can start messaging the people you know, maybe your neighbors, friends, classmates, and as you get more clients, people would start recommending you. Of course, if you are good at what you do. In fact, if you are good enough, you will have the same clients coming back to you over and over because everyone wants to take good shots for their Instagram every now and then.

Use presets to edit pictures

Ways To Make Money

Use presets to edit pictures This is probably the easiest method out of this list. All you need to do is to learn a little bit about photoshop. You don’t have to buy any course for hundreds or thousands of dollars, there are plenty of free materials here on YouTube. But you have to purchase a couple of presets. A present is basically a bunch of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. Something like a filter, but it is not.

You probably have seen that some famous people on Instagram have one consistent style of pictures. They do not edit every detail every time but save these settings and just apply them every time they want to edit a picture. It just makes the whole process much easier and faster. You can buy a couple of these presets that you really find impressive and start editing pictures for a small fee. A preset cost 20or 30 dollars.

That might not be much, but most people do not upload that often on Instagram, so it doesn’t make sense for them to buy these presets. Or they are not aware of these presets aren’t ready to pay 30 bucks to edit one picture. And that’s where you come into the picture. Open a Fiverr account and start editing photos with these presets for 5 bucks a picture.

One image might take you 5, 10, or 15 minutes, which means in just. Few hours you can earn more than 50 bucks a day. Your clients will probably get back to you over and over, so the longer you keep doing this, the more you will probably earn.

Edit videos

Ways To Make Money

Edit videos This one is slightly difficult but nevertheless possible for most people, including the teenagers. All you need is a computer, pretty much every laptop can handle adobe premier, which is the leading software to edit videos.

It might not be easy to learn the software at the beginning, but after watching a few tutorials on youtube, you will get it quick. Fast forward to 2020, videos are getting more and more popular. The demand for video editors has skyrocketed. You don’t need a college degree to edit videos, all that matters in this industry is the end result. 

You might ask if it’s so easy, why don’t they do it themselves, well, because its time consuming, you have to sit for hours in front of a computer. And if you are a broke teenager with plenty of free time. Why not use that time to make some money.


Ways To Make Money

Trade is overlooked today because so many new professions have emerged. In fact, trade is viewed as something that only grown-up old adults do. But the core of every business is sales. As a teenager, it might be difficult to find a job, but you don’t need to ask anyone to buy and sell.

You don’t need to start with huge capital, start with little things that you can sell to your friends, neighbors, or classmates. Search on eBay or amazon what’s popular, what is currently in demand. If you are completely broke. Find something in your house that you don’t need and try to sell it. I am sure there are plenty of them. First of all its fun, secondly, it’s going to make you money and thirdly it’s will teach you how business works.


Ways To Make Money

Stream I am not really a gamer. I play every now and then random games. However, I have friends and relatives who play literally 3,4 or even5 hours a day, fortnight, dota, league of legends, whatever. If you are one of those guys who plays non-stop. How about you take a break and do something slightly different, like stream your games.

Create a Twitch account and start recording your games or even here on youtube. It might take you sometime before you start earning, but you are going to play anyways, why not record it. People also search for how to pass a mission if they are stuck. Creating mini-tutorials also an option. I am sure that there are many more ways to earn by playing games but some of the popular ones.

Keep Searching in Fiverr

Ways To Make Money

If you are a teenager, you are living in the best of times. The Internet has changed the world so much that opportunities are just endless. And Fiverr is a perfect example of that. If none of the things we have discussed in this video inspire or motivate you.

Don’t worry, you still have got a chance. Just go to Fiverr and look at all the different ways people are earning money, drawing, designing, recording, writing, researching. There must be a least one thing that you have a talent for or at least find pretty easy to learn. Back then, when I was a kid, we had windowsXP, and whenever your computer got filled with a virus, reinstalling the windows was one of the options.

And back then, YouTube wasn’t a thing, and most people didn’t knowhow to do that at least the people around me, but I did. First, I reinstalled it on my friend’s computer, he suggested me to others and slowly I started charging for the service.

Soon every time someone in my school or neighborhood needed to reinstall his windows, he would give me a call thinking that I am some kind of a computer genius when in reality its was a simple job that anyone could have easily learned.

The opportunity is always there as long as you keep looking around. And now it is your turn, what is your favorite method out of this list or how are you making money as a teenager.

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