8 Mind-Blowing Inventions

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we can bet that after seeing some of these inventions that you did know exist you will think you are hallucinating from houses that can be made in seven hours to electric inflatable scooters we have something for everybody on this list stick around for mind-blowing inventions that really do exist.

1 BMW self-driving motorcycle


BMW self-driving motorcycle for all the motorcycle lovers here’s a motorcycle that can start its own engine knows when to turn and accelerates this motorbike with the unique driver assistance capabilities is the BMW self-driving motorcycle this bike can run independently of a driver braking and turning when it needs to and has been in research and development for over two years,

this bike was created to offer a safer and more stable ride to its riders while reducing the death toll persons who died from motor vehicle accidents with this new technology coming to light we are sure to see automated cars coming even sooner than we think as technology advances BMW is making sure that its style and ability to fill the demand for futuristic technology is up to par.

2 Vertical aerospace eVTOL


vertical aerospace a VTOL named the vertical aerospace Eevee tall this beauty is the United Kingdom’s first full-electric top-class vertical takeoff and landing aircraft also referred to as tall made by a United Kingdom-based company called vertical Aerospacelimited a plane was first introduced to the public not too long ago on September 10th, 2018.

this bristol weighs approximately 1,650 pounds which is light for an aircraft of this Inventions capacity running at a speed of up to 80kilometers per hour the Serra a VTOL was created to prove data on components and software that are used in the real world on future passenger model aircraft,

this aircraft carries a battery in the roof and is somewhat of a model version testing the aircraft requirements should it need to land on the water they can, of course, be built smaller or even larger depending on what is required for testing and on what the operation demands.

3 Microlino Electric Car


Micro the Leenaelectric car okay so this is the new pizza delivery vehicle I am changing careers because these are too cool a Switzerland micro-mobility system company developed the micro lino 2.0 electric cars and micro Lettaelectric trike which can effortlessly take you around the block and back this bubble looking car is all-electric and is an upgrade from its original concept that was developed in 2015 approximately 10,000 of these small versions electric cars were ordered which comes fully equipped with full car features and functionality,

yes we are talking seatbelts wheels and doors the micro lino are less than 2.5 meters long it takes up only 1/3 of a regular parking space powered by an 11-kilowatt battery and propels itself up to 90 km/micro Leena provides either 125 or 200 kilometers per hour capacity variants of this car it will be on the market for only thirteen thousand six hundred dollars.

4 Omelette Robot


unlit robot this invention in the list that no one knows exists is just getting better and better let’s talk about this omelet making a robot for a while a robotics team from Cambridge University have teamed up with B Co a company that manufactures domestic equipment to build a robot,

that can make you breakfast while everyone’s taste and preference are different cooking like many other skills is profound in processes and steps this according to these researchers is not very hard for a robot to learn these robots do everything from breaking the eggs to whisking it and frying to perfection persons who have tried these omelets rave about the taste and good quality of the robot work it is safe to say we may see automatic restaurants in our future as well.

5 Leaf Plates


leaf plates made from trees yes what a brilliant idea while this is not a new concept as Indians and persons in the Caribbean already practiced eating from some leaves it is an idea that could save our planet this German company has taken the initiative of making tableware and plates from leaves sourced in Asia in some parts of America this will, of course, reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly than using plastic or paper materials,

this way the tree lovers can keep their trees and leaves can be put to good use as these plates are biodegradable renewable and will disintegrate in 28 days or less natural compost this idea not only aids in making the world a better place but also provides income for those persons in Asia and America who sources the wild creeper plant needed to manufacture the plates after three years of research and development we could finally say that these plates do grow on trees.

6 Poimo Inflatable Scooter


homo inflatable scooter the Japanese do think of everything including portable and inflatable scooters that run on electricity this scooter could fit in a backpack and in seconds be blown up and ready to take you where you need to go apart from looking like a lot of fun they were built soft and designed for people always on the go these scooters are called Point mo,

which is short for portable and inflatable mobility they come with an electric pump and can be filled anywhere and you can even charge an electric car with it it has four wheels to ensure stability and has made soft in case of a pedestrian collision while we patiently wait for them to be priced and placed on the market you may be interested in knowing that the later version will be highly customizable and make for consumer tastes.

7 MADI Home


Madi home now it is by far the coolest thing we will see on this list I could be wrong but I will let you decide to look at the Madi home a $33,500 house that can be built in as little as seven hours these homes can resist earthquakes and most natural disasters and are simply elegant and beautiful developing a regular house could take months to construct but,

the Madi parts are built off-site and reassembled on-site in what seems like very easy steps the Italian architect Renato vital design this concept and order a less costly option to the person seeking to own a home like with the help of a crane and only three crew members your home could be ready by the end of the day-use them to make family houses set up the camp house even as hospitality and rental apartments the Madi homes answer many person’s questions Mady’s comes in three sizes 290 square feet 603 square feet904 square feet and can be customized with full kitchens staircases and other options based on the models you choose.

8 Rubbee X


Ruby X introducing the Ruby X a wireless conversion kit turns any bike into an electric bike in a few simple steps it has a wireless cadence sensor that converses your bike to electrical capabilities without a single wire having to be used or attached take your regular bike and the Ruby X directly above the rear tire and you are ready to go by just flipping a lever you could get a full power electrical boost without the cost of purchasing an electric bicycle,

it works in water and many other terrains a cadence sensor in the pedals detects pedaling and gives instructions to the motor to provide you with that boost the Ruby X uses three replaceable ion batteries which can easily be changed a single cell can goup to 10 miles and up to 30 miles on all three you can also get a 350-watt motor upgrade which would maximize your speed by 32 miles per hour.

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