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Build Best Gaming Pc Under 38,000Rs.

Build best gaming pc in cheap budget.

In this blog, we will talk about a much in gaming PC under 38 thousand rupees such a wonderful area and I will tell you everything about it. so this build which I am going to tell you in this blog is capable to play most of the new titles a 1080p ultra or 1415 P million settings and I have added GPS links of the part which we are going to use so without much further ado let’s start.


The first we will talk about motherboard, I have selected SS prime-age 3 1 0 M D for this build it has 1151 socket which supports the same generation and ninth-generation Intel processors, it has two slots for ddr4 memory modules and it supports up to 2600 and 66 megahertz field it has four SATA ports which support transfer speed up to six gigabits per second enough for a hard excite and for SSD it has one M door to slaughter with supports transfer speeds up to 10 gigabits per second and for the last,

it has PCIe 3.0 slot for our external GPU coming to the ports it has two dedicated ports for keyboard and a mouse below it there’s a VGA port with support resolution of 1920 by 1200 at 60 Hertz in the HDMI port which makes out at 4k 24 Hertz over 2k 16 Hertz next there are two USB 3.1 genuine ports below an Internet port and two USB 2.0 port and last three audio input and output ports additionally it has SS advanced BIOS and USB 3.1 connector for the USB on the front of the case so this motherboard cost around 50 100 rupees.


Next for the processor, I have selected Intel i3 9100 fit is a quad-core CPU with 4 threads its base frequency is 3.6 sign Hertz and Hester Babu sequence of 4.0 gigahertz and it has six megabytes of cache it supports maximum memory of 64 gigabytes up to 24 megahertz and supports devotional memory it supports all intel latest technologies like hyperthreading or virtualization it retails at around seventy-two hundred rupees so our total is twelve thousand and three hundred rupees if you liked our blog so far don’t forget to leave a comment.


Next up is RAM I think going with a single stick of eight gigabyte RAM will be better for this build I know two sticks of 4 gigabytes Ram will perform better but if you go for a single stick of 8gb now then you will have the option to buy another 8 gigabyte RAM in the future and have 16 gigabytes as your total gram so I have selected courses 8 gigabytes of ram it has a speed of 24 megahertz and it cost around two thousand and two hundred rupees that make our total 15 thousand and five hundred rupees.


For the GPU there can be no better graphic card than G takes sixteen fifty for twenty thousand and five hundred rupees, its build with Nvidia’s during architecture same as Nvidia’s archaic series graphic cuts this gigabyte gtx 1650 is an overclocked version and have proof ins with alternate spinning for cooling, it is clocked at seventeen hundred megahertz with four gigabytes of gddr5 graphics memory it comes with 896 CUDA cores and operates across a 128-bit wide bus interface,

its period of eight gigabits per second it supports Microsoft DirectX 12 Vulkan API and OpenGL 4.5 and it is fully compatible with Nvidia g-sync talking about ports it has one DisplayPort and two HDMI which supports up to 8 K at 60 Hertz price for this gigabyte GTX 1650 it’s 12,000 and 500 rupees so now we have a total cost of twenty-eight thousand rupees.


For storage, I would recommend hybrid storage and 120 gigabyte of history which is heavier the operating system for faster loading and booting time and one terabyte 7200 rpm hard disk for story big file you can go with Western Digital 120 gigabyte green em door to SSD and Western Digital wd-10 teaser ex1 terabyte hard disk combined both costs around five thousand and eight hundred rupees alternatively if you don’t want bigger storage you can buy Western Digital green 480 gigabytes of SSD which cost around the same so now we have a total of four thirty-two thousand and eight hundred rupees.


And powering all this will be coarse LVS 450 it will be enough for gtx 1650 and I three ninety 100 f processor and above all corsairs very much reliable for the PFC cost for this PSU is around twenty-five hundred rupees which mean now we are at thirty-six thousand and three hundred rupees.


And the house for all this will be intec an X 200 it is a cool looking case with gaming aesthetics it has RGB light in the front and it comes with a pre-installed fan talking about ports, it has one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 and additionally, you will also find dedicated 3.5 mm microphone and headphone jack this beautiful case cost around 2500 rupees so now our final total is thirty-eight thousand and eight hundred rupees if you want to see how it performs in-game click here for the FPS test so that’s all about this build…








comment if you have any doubts or any, other questions I will be happy to help you out.
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