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Top 5 Best Free Drone Footage Download Websites 2020

Top 5 best free drone footage download websites 2020

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The first WEBSITE is Mixkit It is a curated gallery of high-quality videos and animation, made by some of the world’s most talented creators, with all content licensed for free. To find drone videos go to this link. On the home page, you see many featured drone videos and aerial footage. If you keep the cursor on the image you get a preview of the video.

If you are looking for a specific topic, use the search bar, and type a keyword. For example, let us use the forest. Here you see, it is mentioned that the video was filmed with a drone. Click on the video and then on the right-hand side you find the download button. Here they mention it is free of charge. I advise you to go through the license details to see if you can use this video for your project. If this is the first time you are hearing of give this video alike. this is Free Drone Footage Download website.


The next royalty-free drone footage site is pixabay. It is a huge library of free stock video clips in MP4. The videos are all released under the CreativeCommons Zero (CC0) License. That means you don’t need to get permission or give credit to the artist to use or modify the content, even if you’re using it for commercial purposes.

To find Free Drone Stock Video Footage goto the videos section and type in the search bar. You can filter by category and also resolution. You can select HD or 4K. Similar to the Mix kit when you hover you can get a preview of the video. To download this drone footage, click on it. & this is Free Drone Footage Download website.


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If you want you can do another preview here and then click the free download button to download load. As you see here it is mentioned that it is free for commercial use as well.


The 3rd website to get drone stock footage is video. It is a community-based video site that offers thousands of free stock videos. Click on the video and then select done footage. Here you can find plenty of free drone footage. Click on the drone stock video you want to download and then you can have a larger preview.

Videos on Videvo fall under one of three licenses, so be sure to check which one applies to your chosen clip before you start working: VidevoStandard License, which lets you use the clips in your own work without attribution, provided you don’t redistribute the footage; Videvo Attribution License, which is the same as the Standard License but requires you to credit the clip’s creator; and CreativeCommons 3.0 Unported, which lets you share and adapt the clip but requires you to credit the creator and indicate if you’ve made any changes.


The next Free Drone Stock Video Footage site is Pexels. There are some truly spectacular free drone stock videos on Pexels. All under a Creative Commons 0 license, which means you’re free to use them for personal or commercial projects without attribution. Similar to other sites, just search for drone footage and you will see plenty of drone stock videos. The good thing about pixels is that you can directly download the video from the preview itself. this is a Free Drone Footage Download website.


Videezy is another website with a wide variety of high-quality video clips to choose from, in both HD and 4K resolution. When searching for videos, any results marked with “Pro” are premium clips that are only available by paying with credits. The other videos are free.

If you want to go the free route, then Videezyoffers a couple of options for you. The first is to download and use videos according to a Creative Commons license. There are also videos you can use for free, as long as they are used for non-commercial purposes.

I hope these 5 FREE Drone Footage download sites will be useful to you for your project.

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