These 5 Books Will Make You Rich

These 5 Books Will Make You Rich

Let me share with you These 5 Books Will Make You Rich

  • The 50th law.
  • Influence.
  • The richest man in Babylon.
  • Flow.
  • 12 rules for life.

1 The 50th law.

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This is one of the books that had one of the most significant impacts on my life, and there is a strong reason behind it. You see, unlike every other self-help book, this book teaches you how to be fearless. How not to be afraid to be different, to stand up for yourself, to take risks, and make bold decisions. The book is based on the life of Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 cents.

The life of some rapper might not interest you, and that’s what I thought in the beginning. There was every reason for 50 cent’s life to go wrong. But it didn’t. He never met his dad, and his mom was shot when he was 8. He was living with his grandparents in a house with 28 siblings.

He was left with no other option but to sell drugs to make ends meet like his mother. Got arrested at high school for drug possession. He tried his best to make it into the music industry but when he was 25, the car pulled up alongside Jackson and the guy pulled a gun and shot him 9 times. on the hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest, and left cheek. It’s a miracle that he survived in the first place.

Besides that, he tried to get out of drugs and make it into the music, but now with his left cheek being shot, he couldn’t rap. Any other person would have given up at this point because the shot through his cheek left him with a permanently swollen tongue. But not fifty wasn’t ready to give up. He decided to gather his energy and fight back.


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Now that he has faced death, there is nothing left for him to be afraid of. failure, disappointment, whatever If you want to develop that kind of fearless approach to life, you must make certain changes in life that Robert Greene suggests in this book.

Nobody is born into this world fearless! We all come out, crying, screaming. As we grow up, we are afraid of darkness. We are afraid to be left alone. We are afraid to be different, we are afraid of our parents (at least when we are kids ) we have to either develop the character of fearlessness or stay where we are, where the society wants us to be. These books will make you rich.

2 Influence.

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There are a lot of books written on the art of dealing with people. Even Robert Greene has a book on that which is 48 laws of power, However, it gives a bit darker perspective on human behavior, and in many ways, it’s true, but the book Influence by Robert Cialdini gives an entirely different perspective. It’s more about the science behind making people say Yes to whatever you want them.

It might seem like people are smart, and they usually base their decisions on science and logic, but the reality is quite different. Humans are mostly emotional, and their actions are often irrational. And it’s normal because we face so many decisions and we consume so much information every single day that we need some sort of shortcuts to make the decision process faster.

 We are guided by these shortcuts, the moment you understand these shortcuts, you can make almost anyone say yes. You can convince them to be your friend, help you out, or if you are a salesman, you can get them to buy as much as you want and then get that big fat commission at the end of the month. These books will make you rich.

3 The richest man in Babylon.

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From my experience, almost everyone wants to be rich, even those who say they don’t. I know that I will get a lot of hate for saying this, but that’s what I have realized. and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, money is a resource that enables you to doa lot of things, a lot of good things. Of course, the most popular advice is – just work hard. Hard work always pays off; to be honest, it doesn’t unless it’s also smart,

and that’s why you need to read the richest man in Babylon by Samuel Clason. Once Upon a time in ancient Babylon, there was a very rich man named (Arcak); in fact, he was the richest man on the land. Two of his childhood friends approached him to ask him how he managed to become so wealthy when they have been working so hard but barely fed their families.

He replied that the secret is simple, you must not spend all that you earn but save apart from it and invest, and overtime, your wealth accumulates, and you get rich. It’s as simple as that. Arcak saved enough money to lend it to a shield maker who paid interest on Arcad’s loan, thus growing his wealth. These principles might be simple,

but most people do not embrace them, which is why it’s critical to read this book, page to page, to make these principles a fundamental part of your life. Without any exaggeration at all, the greatest financial habit you will ever learn is the ability to save money.

It sounds so simple, and yet it’s so difficult. These books will make you rich. Think about how much you have earned in your entire life and now ask yourself, how much of that left in your hands?

4 Flow.

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most people are dissatisfied with their daily routine, and often, it’s their jobs to blame. What makes things much worse is that their leisure time is spent recovering from their work in the laziest way possible. What do you do when you get back home, watch tv, have some drinks, pull out that cigarette if you smoke, or maybe just play video games.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Work can be something that reduces stress, gives your life purpose, and makes you happy overall. And that’s what Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly calls the state of flow. Its when you are not motivated by external factors such as money or recognition.

The work itself brings you so much joy that it takes your entire attention and pushes you to do it regardless of the outcome. That’s the state that what made Newton come up with the modern principles of physics, Einstein to develop the theory of relativity. Its extremely difficult to reach that stage in the modern age because we have so many drugs, alcohol to distract us.

And the saddest part is, if you do not experience the state of flow in your life, you are wasting your time. And that’s what makes this book is so important to read. He explains how exactly you can reach that state. These books will make you rich.

5 12 rules for life.

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I came across this book last year, and to be honest, it surprised me. It doesn’t say anything revolutionary, but if you know anything about Jordan Peterson, he advocates for responsibility. His perspective on life is that responsibility gives meaning to our lives.

Whether you agree with that or not, life is pretty purposeless when there is nothing to bare on your shoulders. However, the little rules he suggests to follow make our lives much better, such as setting your house in perfect order before you criticize someone else or compare yourself to someone who you were yesterday and not to who someone else is today.

They seem so simple that everyone just knows them, but the matter of the fact is, people are living miserable lives because they are not following these rules. Look around, everyone is criticizing everyone else, but if you give a closer look into their lives, you will find out that they probably should focus on their lives first before pointing fingers. These books will make you rich.

It was challenging to make this list of These books will make you rich. there were so many books that I wanted to include, at least a few more books, but I had to keep this list as short as possible.

There is no point in reading a lot of books; you just have to read the right books, the books that will give you maximum benefit, that will help you to make your life meaningful.

These books will make you rich. Let me know what books you would recommend to everyone to read. I am curious to see what you would suggest.

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