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Top 10 Dangerous Places In India To Visite

Here is the list of dangerous places in india

Taking risks in life and doing adventure is important, otherwise, you can never learn new in your life. Today’s generation also takes more interest in doing such work, which has more risks and the thrill gets doubled when it comes to roaming new places There is no shortage of dangerous places in India Here every place has its own adventures and dangers

Today we are going to see in this blog the top 10 most dangerous places in India where you should think ten times before going. The purpose of this blog is not to frighten you The purpose of this blog is not to frighten you but to give you information.

10 Gurez valley

Gurez valley Let’s start off from Gurez Valley of Kashmir. Well, nowadays, going anywhere in Kashmir is like risking your life, but about 120 km from Srinagar, it is located in Gurez Valley, this Gurez Valley is situated which is equally as beautiful, as dangerous as it is Due to being a disputed area, there is always a danger of landmines.

At the same time, avalanches are also very high in this area, and many times the number of avalanches in the next three days goes up to 80. this place is listed as dangerous places to visit in India, Although the beauty here is unique and attracts everyone, due to the dangers here, going here is not so easy.

9 Khooni river

Khooni river, Delhi is considered to be the most crowded place in the country where people from other states also get together. Have you heard about the khooni river of Delhi? The river flowing in the Rohini area of ​​Delhi is the scariest place in which people often see strange weird things, this is the reason that people visit fewer times in this deserted place.

In most days, stories of murder, suicides, and many accidents continue to come. Here people have also told stories about ghosts and vampires. this place is listed as dangerous places to visit in India, So if you want to become adventurous in your life then do the journey to the khooni river. Maybe after that, you have stories to tell people also.

8 Prabalgad Fort

prabalgad Fort, Maharashtra At the eighth place we are going to tell you about the fort of Maharashtra, between Matheran and Panvel. This fort is built on a 2300 feet high hill, though people come here it is very difficult to climb the steps.

This fort is counted among the most dangerous forts in India. People here come very little anyway and those who come here leave before after sunset because after the evening this area becomes completely deserted. & also this place is listed as dangerous places to visit in India.

7 Karting La Ladakh

Karting La Ladakh is a place where I have a dream to go and most probably for you people also. As you know, going to Ladakh is not that easy. But it is not an easy task to reach the Kardung La It is the world’s tallest motorable road and Leh takes three hours to reach here. Curved roads very high altitude, low amount of oxygen and the direct sun rays make this place very terrible and it’s listed as dangerous places to visit in India.

6 Chambal Valley

Chambal Valley Dacoits and thieves you must have seen only in movies such as the film Sholay in which Gabbar Singh was a robber. Do you know that this is not just stories, but in real life, there are robbers In Chambal Valley, here has been a reign of robbers over the last several centuries.

In this valley, the robbers have been running their business of robbery, kidnapping, and murder. That’s why this valley is very dangerous.

5 India’s roads

India’s roads and highways In our list we have placed in 5th position the streets and roads of our country. Now you must be thinking that why have we kept the streets in this blog? That is because traveling on the roads of our country is not less than an adventure Broken and non tarred roads of our country invite invitations all the time and every year millions of people die,

because of these roads and accidents, so we want to warn you According to the reports, about 400 to 500 people die on these roads every day and in 2013 more than 1,37,000 people were killed in accidents in India. 1,37,000 people were killed in accidents in India. To prevent these road accidents, both the government and the common man will have to work, otherwise, this problem will never be reduced.


4 Aleya Ghost Lights

Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal If you are interested in extraordinary activities, going to this place can be interesting to you. going to this place can be interesting to you. While moving around in this place, many colorful bright lights easily attract attention. It is also believed that as soon as these lights come to you, you go to the dirt of death.

Aleya ghost light is not a single incident in West Bengal. These ghost lights are seen in many parts of the world and are known by different names such as Will-O-D-Vasapp or Jack-O-Lanner etc Isn’t interesting or scary?

3 Thar Desert

Thar Desert Gujarat Third position is on the Thar Desert When you hear the name of the desert, it will come to your mind like sand, summer, and place where life is less possible but Thar desert is even more terrible. In summer, where the temperature goes above sixty degrees the temperature here in winter reaches even below zero.

That makes it more dangerous as more poisonous inhabitants are found here. We are talking about the black cobra, snakes, scorpions, and other poisonous insects found here that when bitten there is no possibility of human beings to survive it.

2 Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach The Dumas beach of Gujarat happens in the day just like in the other middle of the world. In the day you can see people roaming around and swimming in the water. In the day you can not even imagine that this place becomes the place of a ghost in the night. There are often strange strange voices heard in the night as if someone is talking or laughing.

Not only this, but the people here also tell me that even in the evening, the dog also warns of this kind of sounds like a loud voice as they are also looking at something unusual in front of them. That’s why people do not like to come to this place at night and we have also given it second place in our list.

1 Kailash Mansarovar

Kailash Mansarovar The number one is Kailash Mansarovar which is considered to be the land of Shiva. In Hinduism, it is also believed that Shiva Ji is still absorbed in penance. The journey of Kailash Mansarovar is the toughest pilgrimage in the world Kailash Mountain and Mansarovar are at an altitude of 1900 feet or 5900 meters.

The distance between Kailash mountain and Mansarovar lake is more than 20 km. This 20 km trek is very high and straightforward, and with this, the lack of cold and oxygen falling here makes it even more difficult. Despite being so difficult, devotees of Lord Shiva travel here.

It is very important to be fit both mentally and physically. If you are thinking of going here, just think about it well. In life, sometimes risks should be taken In life, sometimes risks should also be taken.

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